Underwater Professionals

Underwater Professionals is a maritime services consultancy that offers specialized capabilities to meet the needs of public and private sector clients in dredging, oil & gas, environmental remediation and safety & security operations. With civil & marine engineers, experienced dredge masters, expert topographic
& bathymetric surveyors, certified dam inspectors, underwater technicians, and commercial divers we are able to support our clients from the inception of their project to its very end. Headquartered in Washington, DC with inspection personnel pre-positioned in Africa, our multinational teams can deploy very quickly to provide surveys and pre-dredge assessments, conduct remediation works, prepare the site for dredging and help determine the right equipment and quantities. All of our teams are mission capable in hostile environments.

Underwater Professionals also provides dredge works and training of technical per- sonnel in the proper operation & maintenance of dredging systems. We are the only third party company certified to conduct training on IMS dredges. Our technical staff operates hand in hand with the engineering & production staff of IMS/LWT factories.


A team of highly qualified dredge masters, engineers, divers and site managers may be deployed to a client’s site to provide initial set-up and dredge works. Experienced in various dredging applications, our staff can maximize the clients’ success and satisfaction with projects ranging from sand mining to flood mitigation to canal dredging and many others.


Underwater Professionals strives to transfer the knowhow and build self-reliant highly competent teams of local operators who can maximize dredging efficiency and mini-mize the risk of damage to the dredge. Our training program is designed to develop site management and dredge operating skills during intensive training. It also includes training in inspection procedure and record keeping – skills required to conduct regular maintenance.


Underwater Professionals Surveyors can provide pre and post-dredge surveys of complex basin geometries to better plan efficient dredge works. A crew of hydrological assessors can be deployed to conduct a hydrographic survey which will result in a comprehensive report with a 3-D profile imaging of the waterway and an actionable analysis of any sub-surface structures. Recommendations in regards to any dredging plans can subsequently be made.


By use of high resolution acoustic imaging, we are able to determine fault identification, sedimentation issues and the below-surface condition of hydraulic structures and water intakes.


Underwater Professionals provides safety inspections and security assessments of surface and underwater structures and offers diving and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) services for construction and drill support for onshore and offshore projects. We conduct deep sea inspections as well as saturation diving for deep-water construction projects. In addition to standard offshore oilfield support, we perform underwater video inspections, photography, underwater construction, drilling and blasting, welding and cutting, non-destructive testing (CSWIP certification), as well as logistics, procurement and project support.


Last but not least, Underwater Professionals provides services to public and private sector clients in hostile environments. Our intervention teams are led by a certified Critical Incident Commander with experience in leading complex emergencies throughout the African continent. Underwater Professionals maintains stand-by ready teams of engineering personnel for rapid deployment.